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Jean Robinson, PT, owner

Cross-country skier, swimmer, gardener, bike rider and urban pole walker Jean Robinson brings her active approach to life to her role as owner and founder of Glengarry Physical Therapy of Edmonton.

She rejects all cookie-cutter templates of treatment, and insists that each client be given the time and care it takes to determine the cause of their injury or condition and the effect it is having on their quality of life.

She then devises a customized program of care that includes an educational component so her patients can prevent having recurring problems.

With a comprehensive background of more than 30 years of experience as a physical therapist in both private and public practice, she continues to work in both the private and hospital sectors, including seeing the client at home in some circumstances.

She is also proud that her clinic is an approved provider to the Canadian Armed Forces, Department of Veterans’ Affairs and Workers’ Compensation.

With a Bachelor of Physical Therapy from the University of Manitoba and a Master of Public Management from the University of Alberta, she combines her therapeutic expertise with her management skills to bring an authentic, highly individualized approach to the care of each patient.

Skilled and trained in treating low back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, men’s and women’s pelvic health, athletic therapy and manipulation, Jean has also completed all levels of training to provide acupuncture and intramuscular stimulation (IMS).

She has also received specialized training in vestibular rehabilitation, pain reduction, taping, the biomechanics of gait and the correct use of pressure gradient stockings.

A native of Saskatchewan, Jean grew up in Manitoba and later moved to Edmonton to set up her work there.

In addition to her work, she invests many hours in volunteer endeavors, working with wheelchair sports athletes and rugby, football, and soccer teams.

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